Compare Energy Prices to get the best Deal


Did you know that

All gas and electric providers supply the same product, so why pay more?

One costly overhead of any business owner is energy prices, and with those energy prices year on year increasing; it can be a time consuming and frustrating task to switch or renew your energy provider.

We aim to offer a simple solutions to this at United Business Utilities; providing you with a comparison free of charge making it easy to compare quotes from a variety of different suppliers. Other than the ‘big six’ there are other providers who have very competitve prices with great additional benefits such as price fixing as an option so no need to worry about those ongoing price increases. Why pay more than you have to when after all gas and electric is the same quality product with any company.

To obtain some quotes tailored to your business needs we offer a simple comparison service for free and with no obligation.


Committed to bringing you the best ever service making things as straightforward as possible, 

helpful guides for buyers, and also informations and tips on the following:

  • Using Green energy
  • Tips for saving money
  • What to keep a look out for
  • Getting the best deal
  • Support with the technological side
  • Costs
  • Incentives the government offer

If you are ready to make the switch over and start save money on your business energy bills then give us a call (01322 275517), or


 and we will get back to you with your quotes quickly.

Just a handful of the energy firms we work with to provide the best possible rates.

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