Save your Business Time and Money by Comparing Tariffs



United Business Utilities often talk about the huge amounts of money you can save the business by comparing energy prices and switching suppliers or tariff. but there is also a lot of other benefits as well, incl the time and effort you can save your Business.

Since Business energy is always higher than domestic consumption, it’s vital that businesses get the best possible deals on their power.

Often, that means asking independent advice and help, or comparing prices from different providers, just as you do at home. Though, for a business, it seems more complicated than with domestic tariffs, and it’s understandable that you would prefer to spend your time focusing on what really matters – running your business.

From Sole Traders to SME’s

As with Home power, potential savings can be made, whether you’re a sole trader working from home or a much bigger Business with several employees on the payroll.

Stats from industry regulator Ofgem show that, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, over half of UK firms could reduce fuel bills just by changing to a less expensive deal.

Where Should Your Business go for Cheaper Energy Prices?

You could always start by asking your own supplier if they have a better deal to offer you, and this can be used as a benchmark when considering the alternatives.

It’s also worth checking your current contract and tariff before you do anything else. If you are on a default tariff, for example, your supplier must do everything reasonably within its power to inform you about any alternatives that may be available.

Find out when you will be contractually allowed to switch, as you can generally only do this at certain times. But suppliers can usually only object in quite specific circumstances, for example if you owe them money, or if the current contract still hasn’t run out.

If there is an objection to switching suppliers, these must be explained, as quickly as possible, and you must also be told how the situation can be resolved. In this situation, United Business Utilities is ideal as we use the Energy Companies own Portal to compare the Tariffs

You should also take regular meter readings, to build up a picture of energy use – this will help potential future suppliers give you a more accurate quote.

Confusing Energy Tariffs

Because some suppliers place different rules on the energy contracts they have with smaller businesses, most are left confused as to how to switch and benefit from the most attractive prices.

However, if you use United Business Utilities we will do all the work for you


Staying with the same supplier can be expensive, so don’t fall into that trap, and don’t feel daunted about making the switch. You may feel you don’t have time to switch supplier, but the truth is you simply can’t afford not to.

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