Understanding Business Energy


What do you need to know?


Do you ignore reviewing the businesses energy when your contract renewal notice comes through the post? Most UK companies accept their supplier’s renewal prices, which means they’re losing money.

It may seem that finding the best energy tariff looks like more trouble than it’s worth because you end up being chased by multiple suppliers who want your money but wont give straight answers.

At United Business Utilities, we make it easy as we use the Energy Suppliers own Portals to compare the Tariffs from all The Suppliers in UK and give you the best option for your Business

There is no High Pressure Sales involved just Friendly Help

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Why is Business Energy different?

The business energy market is a bit different from what you might be used to, there are some distinct differences between it and your home energy.

You won't lose power when you switch energy supplier

Contract differences

You can usually switch home energy supplier whenever you want, this may sometimes come with a fee of anywhere between £25 to £45 but they will still let you go. In the commercial world this isn’t the case, once you sign up for a contract you are unable to switch for the full duration, until your renewal period.

Renewal Periods

Business Energy suppliers don’t want you to be moving around and ensuring you’re always on the best deal, so they make the process as awkward as possible (luckily we’ve been around for long enough to know how to handle it). Something which catches most companies out is the renewal period. This is the period a few months before your contract end date (on your bill) when your supplier will let you do something about their revised prices. You’ll know when to take action as they’ll send you a letter with new prices and contract terms in it. They only give you around a month to sort it out so as soon as that letter comes through your door give us a call and we will handle the rest for you.

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